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Hrvoje Milakovic

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Hrvoje, based in Osijek, Croatia, with a Master's degree from the Zagreb University of Applied Sciences, is a co-founder of Incomera, a media company that has launched several entertainment sites including Fiction Horizon, Game Horizon, and Anime Horizon. He is also a co-owner of Comic Basics and Voice Film. Hrvoje's writing career began in 2016 when he started writing for a Croatian film website he founded, Svijet Filma. Over the years, his work has been featured on LifeWire, Yahoo, and IMDb, to name a few. His favorite movies are 300, Conan, Alien, The Lord of the Rings, MCU, and Stargate franchises. His favorite shows are Doctor Who, Only Fools and Horses, Stargate, Seinfeld, Sherlock, Everybody Loves Raymond, Fringe, Poirot, Spartacus, and Rome.


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