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I am Laura McCallister, the main character in a series of lesbian novels by Rosalyn Wraight. I am a detective with the Granton Police Department. When I'm not at work, odds are damn good I am with the most gorgeous creature on earth, Holly Crawford. She's an artist, and we've been together almost twelve years.

Currently, there are four book in my series. Blurbs and samples are below. To purchase them in paperback, please use the link at the top of the page. Or, use the Buy Now buttons below each book for immediate purchase.

Holly and I also appear in the Lesbian Adventure Club series, which consists of 18 books at the moment. These books are vastly different than my mysteries. We get together with four other couples once a month and do ... well, strange activities. They are narrated by Kate Sutter, a friend and newspaper reporter who shows up in a couple of my mysteries. If you're new to the series, check out the Series Starter Pack at the end of the page. There is also an LAC characters' blog here.


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Woman Justice

Lesbian Erotic Mystery
ISBN: 1-928973-23-X

Blurb: What happens to all those characters a novelist creates? Could it be that they exist in an alternate plane? Could they be capable of returning to the writer, demanding a better, more fulfilling existence? This seems to be reality for Emily Decker, lauded mystery writer, when she is confronted by Milicent Baylor.

In her effort to get Milicent's existence past the burgeoning state, Emily writes a series of erotic stories, set in varying locales—from Alaska to Timbuktu. Each word, each sentence that Emily writes, makes Milicent stronger, more viable, more real. Emily places herself in these torrid tales and follows her character's regeneration. As Milicent grows in strength and character, Emily realizes she is falling in love with her own creation.

But all is not well in the real world...

The book opens with a police investigation into a pile of bones found in the woods. Detective Laura McCallister intends to solve the riddle. Whose bones are they? What do they have to do with Emily? What do they have to do with Milicent? How do Emily's father and housekeeper fit into this twisted scenario? Is anything as it appears to be?

Rosalyn Wraight has written more than just an engrossing novel. She has managed to weave three storylines into one seamless tale: a murder mystery, a love story, and an erotic adventure that stretches all over the globe.

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Secrets and Sins

Lesbian Mystery
ISBN: 1-932014-00-4

Blurb: The day before lesbian detective Laura McCallister's vacation, an elderly man, Tobias Faraday, is found dead in his estate, a victim of an apparent poisoning. While all the evidence clearly points in one direction, a deathly cold hand, clenched to her shoulder, steers her in another. She is led through a maze of riddles and codes, secrets and sins.

She looks into Faraday's cloudy eyes with a vow to determine the truth. What she didn't expect is that he would end up peering into her own. The investigation becomes excruciatingly personal, leaving her struggling to face her own secrets and sins.

Who killed Tobias Faraday? Is it really as simple as it seems? And what does the painting in his sitting room—crafted by her lover of ten years, Holly Crawford—have to do with it all? Can she solve the mystery without getting mired down in her own fears and pain? And, can she do it in time for her and Holly to catch that plane to Maine?

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Corpse Call

Lesbian Mystery
ISBN: 1-932014-32-2

Blurb: The car at the bottom of Prentice Lake could not have gotten there accidentally. Max Wendt slumps dead in the front seat with neither a reason to kill himself nor enemies to do it for him. Miles away, Detective Laura McCallister imparts the news that transforms a wife into a heartbroken widow, a ten-year-old boy into a fatherless son. The most she can give them is a promise to learn the truth.

But the clues uncovered at the crime scene have little—if anything—to do with Max Wendt. Instead, they point to places far in the past. They point to a blog filled with horror fiction written from the corpse's point of view. They point to a killer willing to risk capture for what seems nothing more than an arrogant game of cat and mouse. Or is it? What could a killer possibly want from a cop?

With no choice but to play along with the demented game, McCallister turns to cases before her time and technology she has thus far shunned. And all the while, the killer taunts her, pushes her buttons, nudges her to cross lines that were always starkly black and white. Desperate, she seeks help from unlikely sources: a reporter, a realtor, and the rowdy patrons of Ringers bar. But the further she delves, the less it all has to do with the pressing question: Who killed Max Wendt?

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The Watson Evidence

Lesbian Novel
ISBN: 1-932014-90-X

Blurb: In recent weeks, two teenage boys have jumped to their deaths from Granger Bridge, and now, another one is missing. Detective Laura McCallister is frustrated and desperate to find a way to stop the deadly succession.

Meanwhile, a County deputy summons her to the hospital with the hope that she can ID an unconscious accident victim. After surviving a fiery wreck, the woman's only possessions: $10,000 cash, and McCallister's business card in her back pocket. Is there ever a good reason to have a detective's business card?

Not knowing who the woman is, McCallister waits for the mystery to solve itself with the woman's awakening. But, things don't prove quite that simple. In fact, they become so convoluted that McCallister must endure some of the darkest moments of her life. This time, the mystery exists inside her own self, and the skills she instinctually relies upon for resolution seem far beyond her capabilities.

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