‘The Wheel of Time’: Full Pronunciation Guide

twot pronunciation guide

Robert Jordan’s high-fantasy book series ‘The Wheel of Time’ is one of the most popular fictional universes in the genre. However, as with many other high-fantasy universes, the language and pronunciation of certain words and phrases within The Wheel of Time can be tricky due to their grammar not following standard English rules.

Therefore, many fans mispronounce certain words and phrases from the books, which became evident when Amazon’s TV series of the same name came out. If you want to learn how to properly pronounce essentially every major word, name, or phrase from ‘The Wheel of Time’ universe, you’re in the right place.

I’m bringing you the full pronunciation guide right here. Bear in mind, though, that I’ll focus more on names, characters, and phrases that are more relevant and more often mentioned in the Old Tongue instead of going through each and every ‘tough’ word from the universe – as that could basically take half a book to complete! Enjoy.

How to properly read the pronunciation guide

Before we get into it, let’s quickly explain how the pronunciation guide would work. The best way to explain is to use an example. For instance, how would you write and read the pronunciation of the phrase: Aes Sedai?

The correct pronunciation of Aes Sedai is EYEZ seh-DEYE. You should read EYEZ seh-DEYE as it is written. Most people pronounce Aes as A-es, but that’s an incorrect pronunciation. It’s actually pronounced more similarly to how you’d pronounce eyes, but with a Z instead of an S.

You might be wondering why some syllables are written in all caps while others aren’t. Well, those syllables that are in all caps indicate that the pronunciation emphasis should be on that particular syllable. 

So, in seh-DEYE, you’re starting with a more silent seh and then emphasizing the DEYE.

I hope I managed to simplify as much as possible, so let’s get right into the guide from A to Z without further ado.


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twot ajah

A’dam (AYE-dam)

An a’dam – often mispronounced as AH-dahm – is a ter’angreal (an object used to control those who can wield the One Power) consisting of a collar and a bracelet. The collar is worn by the one controlled, and the bracelet by the one who controls a person who wields the One Power.

Aes Sedai (EYEZ seh-DEYE)

The Aes Sedai can wield the One Power – essentially, all of them have been women since the Time of Madness. They are often mistrusted, hated, and blamed for the Breaking of the Worlds, but still, every ruler has one of the Aes Sedai as an advisor – even if it’s kept a secret.

Aiel (eye-EEL)

Often mispronounced eye I-el, the Aiel is a collective name for the people of Aiel Waste, and they are known as one of the fiercest groups of warriors ever. They wear black veils over their faces before they kill and are prolific in battle with almost every imaginable weapon (or bare-handed) except for a sword, which they never even touch.

Ajah (AH-jah)

The most common mispronunciation of Ajah is ey-JAH. The Ajah (AH-jah) are societies or groups within the Aes Sedai, most commonly designated by color: Blue, Gren, White, Red, Gray Ajah, etc. Each group of Ajah believes in a specific philosophy and purpose behind the Aes Sedai and the use of the One Power – some being more peaceful and others more volatile.

‘Al Ellisande!’ (ahlehl-lih-SAHN-dah)

This is sort of a catchphrase that means ‘For the Rose of the Sun!’ in the Old Tongue. Ellisande was the queen of Manetheren and an Aes Sedai of incredible strength to wield the One Power. Her real name was Eldrene ay Ellan ay Carlan, but her people adored and called her queen Ellisande.

Aldieb (ahl-DEEB)

The ‘West Wind’ that brings forth the spring rains.


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Amyrlin Seat (AHM-ehr-lin)

This is both the title of the leader of the Aes Sedai and the name of the throne on which the leader sits. It’s often mispronounced as ehm-ehr-LEEN. The elected Seat should theoretically be the leader and authoritative figure over all Aes Sedai, although it’s not really that simple in practice.

Andor (AN-door)

The Two Rivers lie in the realm known as Andor.

Angreal (ahn-gree-AHL)

The common mispronunciation of angreal lies in the emphasis that many put on the first syllable (AHN-gree-ahl) instead of the last. An angreal is a rare object that allows a One Power wielder to channel a greater amount of the Power unaided.


Ba’alzamon (bah-AHL-zah-mon)

In the Trolloc tongue, “Heart of the Dark.” Believed to be the Trolloc name for the Dark One.

Baerlon (BAYR-lon)

A city in Andor on the road from Caemlyn to the mines in the Mountains of Mist.

Bel Tine (BEHL TINE)

A spring festival that is held yearly in the Two Rivers.

Biteme (BITE-me)

A small, almost invisible biting insect, often mispronounced as BEET-eh-meh.


Caemlyn (KAYM-lihn)

The capital city of Andor.

Cairhien (KEYE-ree-EHN)

Both a nation along the Spine of the World and that nation’s capital city. The city was burned and looted during the Aiel War. The sign of Cairhien is a many-rayed golden sun rising from the bottom of a field of sky blue.

‘Carai an Caldazar!’ (cah-REYE ahn cahl-dah-ZAHR)

This is a well-known, ancient battle cry of the Manetheren people, meaning ‘For the honor of the Red Eagle!’ in the Old Tongue. 


Dain Bornhald (Day-ihn BOHRN-hahld)

An officer of the Children of the Light, son of Lord Captain Geofram Bornhald.

Djevik K’Shar (DJEH-vihk KEH-SHAHR)

The Trolloc tongue is pronounced a bit differently than the Old Tongue. Djevik K’shar, in Trolloc, means ‘The Dying Ground’ – and it’s their name for the previously-mentioned Aiel Waste. 


King Easar of House Togita (EE-zar; toh-GHEE-tah)

Easar was the King of Shienar. His name is often mispronounced as EY-ah-sar, whereas the name of his House is mispronounced with a hard ‘G’ instead of ‘ghee’.

Elaida (eh-LY-da)

Aes Sedai, who advises Queen Morgase of Andor.

Elayne (ee-LAIN)

Elayne is Queen Morgase’s daughter and the Daughter-Heir to the Throne of Andor. Her sign is a golden lily. Her name is often mispronounced as eh-LAIN.


twot maidens of the spear
A ‘Maiden of the Spear’

Far Dareis Mai (FAHR DAH-rize MY)

The translation of Far Dareis Mai is literally ‘Maidens of the Spear’ – a special order of warriors of the Aiel that consists only of women. They aren’t allowed to marry a man or any connection to society – should they conceive a child, they ought to give it up to another woman without anyone ever knowing who the child’s real mother was.

Their philosophy was: ‘You may belong to no man, nor may any man belong to you, nor any child. The spear is your lover, your child, and your life.’


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Gawyn (GAH-wihn)

Gawyn is Queen Morgase’s son, Elayne’s brother, who will be the First Prince of the Sword when Elayne ascends the throne. Gawyn’s sign is a white boar.

Lord Galadedrid Damodred (gah-LAHD-eh-drihd DAHM-oh-drehd)

Lord Galadedrid Damodred is the only son of Taringail Damodred and Tigraine and a half-brother to Elayne and Gawyn. His sign is a winged silver sword pointed downward.

Gareth Bryne (GAH-rehth BRIHN)

Gareth Bryne is the Captain-General of the Queen’s Guard in Andor. He also serves as Morgase’s First Prince of the Sword. His sign is three golden stars, each of five rays.

Geofram Bornhald (JEHF-rahm BOHRN-hald)

A Lord Captain of the Children of the Light who has a son named Dain, who’s an officer of the Children of the Light, too.


Horn of Valere (vah-LEER)

The Horn of Valere is a legendary object of the Great Hunt of the Horn. The Horn can allegedly call back dead heroes from the grave to help in the fight against the Shadow. It’s often mispronounced similarly to the world ‘valor’.


Illian (IHL-lee-ahn)

A great port on the Sea of Storms and the capital city of the nation of Illian. The sign of Illian is nine golden bees on a field of dark green.

Lord Ingtar of House Shinowa (IHNG-tahr; shih-NOH-wah)

A Shienaran warrior met at Fal Dara.


Jain Farstrider (JAY-ihn)

Jain Farstrider was a hero of the northern lands and the author of several books about his adventures. He vanished in 981 NE after returning from a trip into the Great Blight, which some said had taken him all the way to Shayol Ghul.


Kandor (KANH-dohr)

Kandor is one of the Borderlands. The sign of Kandor is a rearing red horse on a field of pale green.

Ko’bal (KOH-bahl)

Ko’bal Trollocs are essentially one of the mobs or ‘bands’ of Trollocs. Their sign is a blood-red trident. We’ll share a bit more about Trollocs under ‘T.’


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Lord Luc of House Mantear (LUKE; MAN-tee-ahr)

Luc was Tigraine’s brother, who would have been her First Prince of the Sword when she ascended the throne. His disappearance in the Great Blight is believed to be in some way connected to Tigraine’s later disappearance. His sign was an acorn. The name of their house, Mantear, is often mispronounced as ‘man-TEER.’


twot myddraal
A ‘Myddraal’

Manetheren (mahn-EHTH-ehr-ehn)

One of the Ten Nations that made the Second Covenant and also the capital city of that nation. Both city and nation were destroyed in the Trolloc Wars. Often mispronounced as ‘MAIN-ther-ehn.’

Maradon (MAH-rah-don)

The capital city of Saldaea.

Morgase (moor-GAYZ)

By the Grace of the Light, Queen of Andor, High Seat of House Trakand. Her sign is three golden keys, whereas the sign of House Trakand is a silver keystone.

Myrddraal (MUHRD-draal)

Probably one of the most mispronounced words in ‘The Wheel of Time,’ the Myrddraal are the creatures of the Dark One and commanders of the Trollocs. They look like men but have no eyes, even though they can ‘see’ as well as eagles in light and darkness. 

They have certain powers stemming from the Dark One, like the ability to vanish wherever shadows exist. One of their few known weaknesses is their reluctance to cross running water. In different lands, they are known by names such as the Eyeless, Shadowmen, Halfmen, etc.


Nynaeve al’Meara (NIGH-neev ahl-MEER-ah)

Nynaeve al’Meara is the Wisdom of Emond’s Field. The Wisdom is essentially the name for a village healer. The term Wisdom is used in the Two Rivers, but in other regions, terms like Guide, Wise Woman, Healer, etc. are used.


Ogier (OH-zhier)

The Ogier (mispronounced as ‘OH-jeer) are the only natural, non-human sentient people known. Originally from another world, they are a race gifted with the ability to aid and enhance growing things. In the Old Tongue, they are called ‘tia avende alanti’ (brother to the trees). They are naturally pacifists, but they can be fierce opponents when necessary.


Pedron Niall (PAY-drohn NYE-awl)

Pedron Niall was the Lord Captain Commander of the Children of the Light. Niall. He had over forty years of service as a commander of the Children of the Light and is considered one of the great captains of his time. He died focusing on external issues, disregarding the discontent rising in his own ranks.


twot rand
‘Rand al’Thor’

Rahvin (RAAV-ihn)

Rahvin was initially named Ared Mosinel and became one of the original thirteen Forsaken. He is considered very handsome and appears youthful. It’s believed that he originally turned to the Dark One for power, which is why he became one of the Forsaken – his lust for power is vast.

Rand al’Thor (RAND ahl-THOR)

A young farmer from the Two Rivers turned out to be the Dragon Reborn.


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Sa’angreal (SAH-ahn-GREE-ahl)

Sa’angreal is an extremely rare object that allows an individual to channel much more of the One Power than would otherwise be possible or safe. A sa’angreal is much more powerful than an angreal. 

Saldaea (sahl-DAY-ee-ah)

Saldaea is one of the Borderlands. The sign of Saldaea is three silver fish on a field of dark blue.

Shadar Logoth (SHAH-dahr LOH-goth)

In the Old Tongue, it means ‘the Place Where the Shadow Waits’ – it is a city abandoned after the Trolloc Wars. It’s often mispronounced as ‘SHAY-dahr.’

Shai’tan (SHAY-ih-TAN)

Shai’tan is another name for the Dark One – the great Evil of ‘The Wheel of Time’ universe. People often mispronounce it as ‘Satan’.

Shayol Ghul (SHAY-of GHOOL)

A mountain in the Blasted Lands and the site of the Dark One’s prison, where the hero of many tales and stories, Jain Farstrider, allegedly disappeared.

Shienar (shy-NAHR)

Shienar is one of the Borderlands. The sign of Shienar is a stooping black hawk.

Stedding (STEHD-ding)

Stedding is the homeland or living place of the Ogier. In stories and legends, they are shielded in some way that prevents Aes Sedai from channeling the One Power, nor even sense that the True Source exists.

Attempts to wield the One Power from outside a stedding have no effect inside a stedding boundary. No Trolloc will enter a stedding unless they’re forced, and even a Myrddraal will do so only if absolutely necessary and inevitable. 


twot trollocs

Prince Taringail Damodred (TAH-rihn-gail DAHM-oh-drehd)

Taringail was the Royal Prince of Cairhien. He married Tigraine and fathered Galadedrid. When Tigraine disappeared and was declared dead, Taringail married Morgase and fathered Elayne and Gawyn. He vanished under mysterious circumstances and has been presumed dead for many years. His sign was a golden, double-bitted battle axe.

Ta’maral’ailen (tah-MAHR-ahl-EYE-lehn)

Ta’maral’ailen means the ‘Web of Destiny’ in the Old Tongue.

Tar Valon (TAHR VAH-lon)

Tar Valon is a very important place for the Aes Sedai, as it is the center of their power and the location of the Amyrlin Seat. It is a city on an island in the River Erinin.

Ta’veren (tah-VEER-ehn)

A person around whom the Wheel of Time weaves all surrounding life threads and possibly all life threads to form a ‘Web of Destiny.’

Tear (TEER)

A great seaport on the Sea of Storms. The sign of Tear is three white crescents on a field of red and gold. It’s sometimes mispronounced as ‘TEHR’ (as in ‘I’ll tear something apart’).

Thakan’dar (thah-kahn-DAHR)

An eternally fog-shrouded valley below Shayol Ghul.


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Tigraine (tee-GRAIN)

As Daughter-Heir of Andor, Tigraine married Taringail Damodred and bore his son Galadedrid. Her disappearance led to the struggle in Andor called the Succession and caused the events in Cairhien, which eventually brought on the Aiel War. Her sign was a woman’s hand gripping a thorny rose stem with a white blossom.

Trollocs (TRAHL-lohks)

Trollocs are creatures of the Dark One. They are sentient, vile, violent, and crude, although less intelligent than humankind – so they need to be guided and led into battle. They are known as flesh-eaters and appear as a combination between men and animals.

Tuatha’an (too-AH-thah-AHN)

Tuatha’an are wandering folk, also known as the Tinkers and as the Traveling People. They live in wagons and follow a pacifistic philosophy called ‘the Way of the Leaf.’ Things mended by Tinkers are often better than new, but many villages shun the Tuatha’an because of stories about stealing children to convert them to the Way of the Leaf.